What is the Aspira Fund?

The Aspira Fund was created by world renowned wildlife photographer Andy Rouse with Páramo to benefit small wildlife and habitat projects which often miss out on major funding initiatives, offering practical assistance to continue their work.

Every Andy Rouse limited edition garment sold contributes directly to the Fund – so far the fund has contributed well over £20,000 to a range of projects from providing wells for Tigers in Ranthambore, India, to cameras to record mammals in Scottish Capercaillie forests. Find out more about the beneficiaries here.

Explore the AWRP garment range below...

The Andy Rouse Wildlife Photography garments from Páramo

Good news for photographers and for wildlife and habitats throughout the world! Páramo has teamed up with Andy Rouse, to produce an exclusive, high spec. range of garments aimed at making the outdoor photography professional and enthusiast more comfortable outdoors.

Andy Rouse has long had a passion for wild things. He has built his reputation on getting very close to the world's most dangerous creatures - capturing some of the most exciting and evocative images of wildlife found today. Andy is passionate too about the message conveyed by his images, aiming to encourage us all to act to conserve animals and their habitats.

Andy Rouse's images frequently feature dramatic action and close ups of the globe's most dangerous and inaccessible creatures, often captured in the most extreme locations from the Arctic to Antarctic, Alaska to Asia.

Seeking clothing to take him to the world's most extreme environments, Andy was recommended to try Páramo Directional Clothing. After testing the garments extensively in Alaska, the Falklands and Antarctica, he suggested refinements that resulted in the design of specific garments to suit the needs of outdoor photographers like himself.

The ARWP range offers all the benefits of the unique Nikwax Directional fabrics that Páramo use, plus Páramo's intelligent design features, with the added benefit of Andy's input as an 'extreme' outdoor photographer.